Real Estate and FI

There are many paths to FI. Side hustles, entrepreneurship, businesses, real estate, securities investments, low-cost lifestyle combined with frugality,  and inheritances are among the pathways.

Having had our eyes opened about the shortcomings of 403(b) plans, we woke up to the world of real estate investing. If ever our failing 403(b) plan was a blessing in disguise, this was it.

We will show you how you can replicate what we did. Using a portion of our deferred compensation, in a 6-month timespan, we invested in 3 different rental real estate properties. One is in our hometown, one is 500 miles away and another is 1000 miles away from our primary home. All three are distinctly different from each other. Read about them in our blog posts.

We sought out these opportunities because they can bring us the kind of financial freedom that our 403(b) plan never would. 403(b)’s are designed to die with us, quite frankly. Real estate will not.