There are many paths to FI. Side hustles, entrepreneurship, businesses, real estate, securities investments, low-cost lifestyle combined with frugality,  and inheritances are among the pathways.

Our career in real estate investing grew organically and deliberately. The shortcomings of a 403(b) plan propelled us further along and led us to FI sooner and on our terms. We will show you how you can replicate what we do too. Airbnb is a vehicle anyone can drive and be used to create positive cash flow. It’s easy to build an action plan when you work with us. Learn how you can diversify while designing your individual success plan. Read a few of our successful case studies here.

We sought out these opportunities because they can bring us the kind of financial freedom that our limited retirement plan never could. They are designed to die with us, quite frankly. Our real estate will never die, but will become our legacy instead. Read our story here.