Case Study #1 – Single rooms in a Single Family House (SFH)

Updated kitchen with open floor plan and granite/stainless appliances.
Original custom pine cabinets were reconfigured and painted.
Overgrown yard adjacent to park-like grounds were landscaped to capture the privacy.








This house was purchased from an estate. It was tired and in need of updating but in good condition, overall, and it had great bones. The first real estate principle used is known as the BARRRR method – Buy, advertise, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat. It is a SFH in a residential neighborhood in a university town with 24,000+ students, plus medical and dental schools and a growing hospital. This house is rented as individual single bedrooms, appealing to traveling medical workers, visiting scholars, sporting events, tailgators, prospective students, and current family of students.


Case Study #2 – Luxury SFH in prime location.

A Luxury Vacation house in a top-ten year-round tourist destination. Located 2 miles from the ocean, a short walk to the oldest city in America, national monuments, and numerous venues, including wedding venues, restaurants, bars, museums. Year-round demand!

A custom built expansive home in a year-round tourist destination. It is a Whole-house rental, plus options for single rooms only, at the owner’s discretion. A mere 6 days after closing, we turned over the keys to the first guest. Prior to that day, we itemized a detailed list of essential furnishings, sourced everything – most locally – and the rest online. Everything from King sized beds to paring knives was thoughtfully purchased and properly placed in this 3000+ square foot single family house in a residential area free of HOA’s and regulations.

Case Study #3 – Liability-turned asset

A remarkable strategy to turn a primary residence – normally a liability – into an asset. This is a SFH that has been adapted to include a private entrance, a private BR, a private Bathroom, plus a living room and kitchenette. Located in close proximity to a major city, airports, trains, buses, beaches, this house is in a neighborhood within walking distance to a bustling village with venues, parks, and marinas.

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