About My Home Economy

My Home Economy details how we became Financially Independent, FI. Each page refers to the different modes we implemented and each one introduces the replicable system that it is.

We are NOT certified financial planners, we are NOT real estate agents, and we are NOT biased. We tell it like it is, the way we found it to be. We teach clients how to break out of the traditional mindset of working until retirement age. Achieving financial independence is within reach. Let us show you how.

We chose our name specifically to showcase that every household has an economic system, whether it’s intentional or not. Ours became intentional when we attached a goal to it. We work with clients to set and achieve goals.

We found that ignoring the often-asked question – what do you want to do when you stop working/retire? – only left us doing the one thing we always did – WORK. Try this now by answering the question: List five things you would do if you didn’t have to go to work ever again. If you can’t answer that, you have a good chance of working beyond what is necessary and longer than you need to.

We all have dollars coming in and dollars going out.¬† Using food as an analogy, we all get to take in calories when we eat, and we all expend calories when we breathe, sleep and work. How you eat and how you expend means all the difference to your body’s state of health and appearance. Similarly, how you expend the dollars you take in means all the difference to the state of health of your home’s economy.

We are glad you are here. Share our healthy home economy with us and start your own intentional home economy.